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What type of DVD is Clinician DVD?
Similar to the movies you rent, Clinician DVD is published in a format called DVD-Video. This format allows video programs such as movies to be presented in various ways when played on TV and computer DVD players.


Will Clinician DVD play in my computer?
Yes. Clinician DVD will play in most Windows and Mac based computers using an internally installed or external DVD player. Check your hardware specifications to be certain.


Will Clinician DVD play on my TV?
Yes, under most circumstances. Clinician DVD uses a video format called NTSC. Most DVD players and TVs manufactured in the world today are compatible with this format. Both the TV and player must be able to interpret this format for you to enjoy video from this disc. Check your TV and player specifications if unsure. No DVD-Video, including Clinician DVD, is compatible with every possible DVD player, so if you have trouble with one player, please try another.


Where can I learn more about DVD?
Jim Taylor has compiled an comprehensive FAQ on this topic. Click here to browse.


What do the terms 'Clinician Reference' & 'Patient Exercise' in the Main Menu refer to?
'Clinician Reference' is the section of the disc that allows clinicians to watch and learn (reference) from the Mulligan Home Exercise video clips. There are 76 total clips presented in this section; they are divided into 'Clinician Clips' (technically-oriented) and 'Patient Clips' (patient-oriented). 'Patient Exercise' allows clinicians to provide patients with self-guided exercise demonstration in the clinic or at home. This section is organized by number and video images so it is easy to use. Remote control features are restricted within 'Patient Exercise' to minimize the chance of selecting clips that are not prescribed.


What is SNAG Shop?
SNAG Shop is an area of Clinician DVD dedicated to Mulligan Concept information, education and tools. Browse this international library of everything Mulligan for sample video clips and interactive description.


What are Patient Clips?
50 of the 76 video clips delivered on Clinician DVD have patient-friendly audio associated with them. These are 'Patient Clips'. They are numbered clips that can be found in either the Patient Exercise or Clinician Reference sections. Patient Clips are excellent for learning the nuances involved in teaching Mulligan Home Exercise. They are also invaluable when used for demonstration or review with your patients. A Patient Clip Index is located within the Clinician Reference section and is organized as a list of titles, similar to the title list insert (found inside the Clinician DVD case).

What are Clinician Clips?
There are 26 video clips delivered on Clinician DVD that teach and demonstrate the technical aspects of Mulligan Home Exercise. These are 'Clinician Clips'. A Clinician Clip Index is located within the Clinician Reference section. Here you can view the clips individually, per chapter or as an entire group. Clinician Clips are indicated by an asterisk on the title list insert (found inside the Clinician DVD case).


How do I access Clinician DVD's German audio track?
48 of 50 Patient Clips have an associated German audio track. Toggle the remote control audio button to access this track. Remember to return to the primary track (English) when watching Clinician Clips, otherwise there will not be audio.


Where are Clinician DVD's patient handouts?
‘Clinician DVD must be registered to claim the free set of handouts. If you have purchased your copy and are looking for the registration page, click here. Clinician DVD customers are eligible to download one free set of Mulligan Home Exercise patient handouts in English, Spanish or German.


How do I purchase Mulligan Home Exercise handouts in different languages?
Click here to be forwarded to the patient handout purchase page. Here you can view sample handouts in each language: English, Spanish and German.


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