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Mulligan Concept Articles & Clinical Studies
Published or presented articles and abstracts pertaining to the Mulligan Concept.

Mulligan Bent Leg Raise Technique: A Placebo Controlled Trial Investigating Immediate Effects in Low Back Pain (40kb)
Curtin University, Perth, Western Australia. Abstract.

Mulligan Concept: Next Step in Evolution of Manual Therapy (280kb)
Orthopaedic Division Review May / June 1999. Full text.

Mulligan Concept: Management of 'Tennis Elbow' (264kb)
Orthopaedic Division Review May / June 2000. Full text.

Mulligan Concept Reference List (52kb)
A comprehensive list of references pertaining to The Mulligan Concept. Click here to download.


Patient Handout Examples
Clinician DVD and Rx Box® Clinician come with a complete set of printable handouts for those patients without computer access. Handout sets are also available separately in English, Spanish and German. Download one of the examples below and use it with a patient!

28 Lumbar Self SNAG Using a Belt: Flexion ( English - 192kb)

28 Lumbar Self SNAG Using a Belt: Flexion ( Spanish - 192kb)

28 Lumbar Self SNAG Using a Belt: Flexion ( German - 236kb)

Reimbursement Related Docs
Reference documents supporting the clinical benefits of digital home programming.

Comprehensive Reference Document (160kb)
Providing interactive and/or audiovisual patient education material is superior to that of traditional paper-based programs. Articles referenced in this document support this contention. The potential benefits derived from using interactive and/or audiovisual material are broken down into five categories and then assigned to each reference. These categories include the positive influence on: 1) learning curve, 2) patient compliance, 3) healing time, 4) patient satisfaction, and 5) outcomes. Full abstracts are included and references are presented in APA (American Psychological Association) format.

Abbreviated Reference Document (120kb)
Identical content to the comprehensive document is included save for abstracts.

Rx Box® Clinic Pack & Prescription Support Docs

Mulligan Home Exercise Clinic Flyer (316kb)
A full-color 8 1/2 X 11 poster depicting the primary steps in using Rx Box® Patient. Also includes a title list. Use it to demonstrate key features to your patients.

Rx Pad Extras (77kb)
Rx Pad is designed specifically for documenting follow-up visits that involve prescription of Rx Box® content. This document contains four on a page so that you can print, cut, and replenish your clinic’s supply.



Title Lists

Mulligan Home Exercise (56kb)
A list of the 50 Mulligan Home Exercise titles and associated clip numbers. Use it for reference when prescribing Mulligan Home Exercise.

Mulligan Practitioner (28kb)

A list of the 155 techniques and associated chapters delivered by Mulligan Practitioner :: Rx Box® Reference.

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