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Have content on VHS tape or ideas languishing on hardcopy or in your head? Therapies' development team will place your content on DVD for colleagues and customers to use practically anywhere.

We manage entire projects or assist individual phases. Because we are medical clinicians, communication is better and addressing issues as diverse as camera placement or promotion strategy is simplified.

We publish content using RxDVD; a template designed for cost effective customizing and publishing of home exercise material on DVD-Video. Consider it a ‘shell’ we fill with your content. Therapeutic procedures, promotional material and more are transformed into interactive presentations for TV and PC. If you have content, we have an application to deliver it! Contact us.

Rx Online on DVD
Want your Rx Online protocol available for review on your patient's TV? Therapies allows Rx Online members to select and organize groups of clips so they may be published and delivered to your patients on DVD-Video. The result is a customized disc that delivers convenient, interactive access to full screen home exercise videos. Your program is easily updated and published with new exercises, protocols or promotional material.

Why prescribe interactive, video-based home programs?
However logical the answer is, there are still few alternatives available for implementing such programs. Rx Box® Patient and Rx Online are two such alternatives. Click here to learn more about the effects of interactive and video-based content on learning curve, compliance and outcomes.

DVD Authoring for Clinical Reference...Click Here.
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