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Have content on VHS tape or ideas languishing on hardcopy or in your head? Therapies' development team will place your content on CD-ROM for colleagues and customers to use practically anywhere.

We manage entire projects or assist individual phases. Because we are medical clinicians, communication is better and addressing issues as diverse as camera placement or promotion strategy is simplified.

Your project is developed using Rx Box®; template software designed for cost effectively customizing and publishing clinical reference or home exercise material on CD-ROM. Consider it a ‘shell’ we fill with your content. Therapeutic procedures, clinical theory, promotional material and more are transformed into easily referenced interactive presentations for use with Windows or Mac operating systems. If you have content, we have the application to deliver it! Contact us.

Mulligan Practitioner :: Rx Box® Reference        Product Info        Demo
    Digital Concepts, London, Canada

Mulligan Home Exercise :: Rx Box® Clinician        Product Info

Mulligan Home Exercise :: Rx Box® Patient            Product Info        Demo

Mulligan Home Exercise :: Rx Box® Sample   
    Therapies, Superior, WI, USA

Rx Box® Reference :: Screenshots & Features     Demo
     General template...check it out!

CD-ROM vs. DVD-Video
Want to publish on removable media (e.g. a 'disc')? There are two basic options: DVD-Video or CD-ROM. What is right for your project depends on variables such as target audience, type of content, degree of interactivity and more. Generally speaking, DVD-Video provides superior video presentation (full screen), universal (worldwide) compatibility among TV and PC DVD players and relatively simple incorporation of alternative languages (audio and subtitles), whereas CD-ROM delivers more interactive flexibility, displays text better and provides a wide variety of options in dealing with support documents. As for project costs, assume content production (video / audio capture and edit) will be similar regardless of the selected media and that development costs will be slightly less with DVD-Video. There are many other factors to consider when budgeting for a multimedia publishing project. Contact us.

Product Distribution
Looking for a venue to distribute your completed project? Any published Rx Box® project can be sold through the iTherapies Online store (
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