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Why prescribe interactive, video-based home programs?

1. The use of interactive, video-based home program material improves patient outcomes*. The following variables all influence clinical outcomes; each is influenced positively by the use of digital home programs.

Learning Curve. Audiovisual presentation of exercise techniques is superior
to that of two-dimensional, paper-based handouts. As a result of using video as home
program material, patients learn to accurately execute their prescribed exercises
more quickly, thus not wasting time performing them incorrectly between
treatment sessions.

Patient Compliance. Fast, fun, and easy to use ‘cutting edge’ digital home programs will be better accepted than those comprised of multiple sheets of paper. Complementary computer hardware, like the knowledge to use it, is widespread in home, work, and recreational environments. When properly prescribed, compliance to digital home programs is superior to paper-based alternatives.

Healing Time. The sooner a patient accurately implements their home program, the sooner that patient reaches recovery. For this scenario to be realized, a patient must: 1) be compliant, and 2) learn quickly. Clinical, digital tools, such as Rx Box®, positively influence both.

Patient Satisfaction. The fast healing patient is a happy, satisfied patient. If the patient is happy, the outcome is positive.

2. The use of interactive, video-based home program material improves clinical productivity. As demonstrated in number one, use of these types of tools can lend to faster patient recovery times. The result is fewer visits and sooner than anticipated discharges from care, thus allowing clinicians to see more new patients.

3. The use of interactive, video-based home program material will improve your facility’s bottom line. Not only do faster recovery times influence clinical productivity, treating and prescribing with Rx Box® makes your clinic stand out from others. The equation is simple: use advanced and proven technologies in your plan of care and see more patients, attract more business, and receive more referrals.

*Click here (.pdf format) to download a comprehensive list of references and abstracts that address the effects of interactive and video-based content on learning curve, compliance, and outcomes.

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