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Physical Therapy Journal Product Review
Mar - 2004

Rx Box® Clinic Pack: Mulligan Home Exercise

Product Review

Physical Therapy: Journal of the American Physical Therapy Association
Volume 84 . Number 3 . Page 292 . March 2004


Rx Box Clinic Pack: Mulligan Home Exercise
Superior, WI 54880, iTherapies Digital Home Programming, 2003, CD-ROM, $135. [System requirements: For PC: 400 MHz Pentium or comparable processor, 64 MB RAM, Windows 95 or higher, Sound Blaster or comparable sound card, 6x CD-ROM drive, monitor resolution of 800 x 600. For Macintosh: PowerPC processor, 64 MB of RAM, Mac OS 8.5 or higher, 6x CD-ROM drive, monitor resolution of 800 x 600.]

This CD-ROM program is designed to be an alternative to paper-based home exercise programs used by clinicians. The software makers suggest that the program will help improve patient participation in home exercises, recovery time, patient satisfaction, and clinical outcomes.

This program was evaluated on an HP Pavilion using Windows XP. Installation of QuickTime (which is provided on the CD) is necessary to watch the video clips. The installation process was straightforward and easily performed.

The Rx Box Clinic Pack has 2 main components: one disc is designed for the patient and the other for the clinician. The Rx Box Clinic Pack contains 10 Patient discs and 1 Clinician disc. The Patient disc contains 48 digitally based video clips of Mulligan home exercises. The clips demonstrate correct exercise technique and are accompanied by clear audio instruction. Thirteen of the 48 clips also show common mistakes made while performing these exercises. Easily accessible written instruction and notes that further clarify the exercise also are available on the Patient disc. The clinician prescribes the video clips the patient is to perform on the exercise prescription pad that is included in the Clinic Pack, which gives patients information on the sets, repetitions, hold time, frequency, and special instructions. The Patient disc then is given to the patient to use at home.

The Patient disc contains an explanation of these exercise techniques; however, it does not delve into Mulligan concepts. I found most of the information regarding Mulligan concepts and techniques on a link to a related Web site, which can be found on the main screen of the disc. From that link, I obtained information regarding mobilization with movement and sustained natural apophyseal glides. The Web site, however, did not provide any information on the effectiveness of these exercises.

The Clinician disc includes the 48 clips in the Patient disc plus 31 printable Mulligan Home Exercise handouts. The clinician CD has 2 paths of operation. The Clinical Information and Utilities path allows the user to install the program, to access basic information and reference video clips, and to print home programs. The Patient Demo path is used to introduce and demonstrate the program to the patient.

Overall, this software program was well done. It did, however, take some time to figure out precisely how to go about utilizing the Rx Box. The program has an excellent “frequently asked questions” feature that I found most helpful. The video clips are very clear and precise, and the exercises are demonstrated at angles easily seen by the viewer.

This program is well suited for those clinicians who use Mulligan concepts in their treatment programs. For those who are not familiar with these concepts, the program would have no value. The concept of a video-based home exercise program is well founded; however, a patient’s computer knowledge would have to be high to manage this program effectively. They would also need patience and a willingness to invest the time needed to properly perform their prescribed video clips. It is unknown how many patients would prefer this method to paper-based programs.

Joseph M David, PT, OCS
David Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine Center
Pittsburgh, PA

Mr. David is the owner of David Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine Center. He specializes in orthopedic and sports-related injuries.

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