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Released on RxDVD: Mulligan Home Exercise :: Clinician DVD
Nov - 2005


Two years after breaking ground with the Mulligan Home Exercise line of products, Therapies, Inc. has developed and released a significant upgrade. Replacing Rx Box® Clinician is Mulligan Home Exercise :: Clinician DVD. The list of improvements and additions are numerous:

  • Format is DVD-Video, thus will play with most TV and PC DVD players. Video displays full screen and can be controlled at a frame-by-frame level, unlike video delivered by CD-ROM.
  • Over an hour of new video has been added, bringing total runtime to over two hours. New content includes 26 ‘Clinician Clips’ that teach and demonstrate the technical aspects of Mulligan Home Exercise.
  • All thirty-three patient handouts have been edited, translated into German and Spanish and made available in electronic format. One set of handouts is complementary with purchase.
  • German audio narrative is available with most clips.
  • Independent sections are present for: 1) clinician education & reference or 2) patient demonstration & review.
  • Similar to other Mulligan digital tools, there is an interactive and international ‘SNAG Shop’ for accessing Mulligan Concept course and product information.
  • Price has been lowered to $45.00. Upgrade pricing is available via mail-in-rebate for licensed owners of Rx Box® Clinician.

Mulligan Home Exercise :: Clinician DVD can be sampled and purchased from medical distribution outlets throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia. The iTherapies Online store sells this product and also offers exclusive access to Mulligan Home Exercise patient handouts in English, Spanish and German. Click here to view video clips and screenshots from the DVD.


Easily overlooked is another new product resulting from this upgrade: Rx Box® Clinic Pack now includes Clinician DVD. Although Clinic Pack still comes with ten Patient CDs and other digital prescription-related tools, customers will discover that Clinician DVD has replaced Rx Box® Clinician. What is an additional benefit of this ‘refreshing’ of Clinic Pack? It now has a lower price of $90.00 (down from $100.00).

Many customers, for good reason, value the features that CD-ROM based applications such as Rx Box® offer that DVD-Video cannot (e.g. advanced organization, book marking, saving, etc…). Never fear, iTherapies continues to offer Rx Box® Clinician at a reduced price through their Online store.


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