Mulligan Concept Digital Tools

With certified instructors based in 15 countries, and thousands of medical practitioners utilizing Mulligan techniques around the globe, the Mulligan Concept has evolved into one of the most successful & effective manual therapy regimes in rehabilitative medicine today. iTherapies provides each Mulligan Concept digital tool for your sampling and buying pleasure. Complement your medical reference collection or clinical toolbox with Mulligan Home Exercise (DVD & CD), Mulligan Taping Techniques (DVD) or Mulligan Practitioner (CD). Click here to learn more about the Mulligan Concept and originator Brian Mulligan.

Mulligan Home Exercise :: Clinician DVD

What's New?
• DVD-Video format

• 26 ‘Clinician Clips’ •
• Introduction & Principles movies •
• German audio •
• Spanish & German patient handouts •
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Patient Exercise Handouts
RxDVD :: DVD Authoring & Project Services

Transform clinical ideas and content into publications ready for TV or PC. iTherapies uses RxDVD to help clinicians, instructors and medical-oriented facilities create video-based publications for local or worldwide distribution. Contact us before your DVD project costs run amok. Click here to view examples and demonstrations of existing RxDVD publications.

Rx Box® :: CD-ROM Development & Project Services

iTherapies develops Rx Box®: feature-rich software used to publish clinical reference or home exercise content. Beta tested, time tested and ready for your content. Contact us before your CD project costs run amok. Click here to view examples and demonstrations of existing Rx Box® publications.
Mulligan Concept 3-Disc Set

Over five hours of content, 258 techniques and a great price!

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